Golden Truffle Oil 200ml

Golden Truffle Oil 200ml


Designed for those with a palate for the finer things in life, this Golden Truffle Oil is the perfect gourmet addition to any meal. It's made from a smooth blend of olive oil and truffle aroma, infused with edible 23-karat gold and Australian black truffle pieces to bring a sense of opulence to any dining occasion. 

This Golden Truffle Oil is handmade in Australia from local and imported ingredients, and it's so tasty that it will certainly earn a chorus of praise from your guests each time you add it to your cooking. Just make sure you hide the bottle afterward, of course.

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Ingredients: …

Golden Truffle Oil features:

  • Made in Australia.

  • Made from olive oil, black truffle and truffle aroma.

  • Infused with 23-karat edible gold flakes and Australian black truffle pieces.

  • Perfect complement to any dish.

  • May contain traces of nuts.

  • Presented in a resealable glass bottle.